Disk 1: PEGASUS films 1-6. (run time 1h 23 m)

Disk 2: PEGASUS film 7. (run time 1h 20m)

(Contradiction Matrix and 40 Inventive Principles are included in every disk as a PDF file)


Short content of films:

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Film 1: Inventive Mind

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein). You may be surprised that a whole variety of problems fit nicely into only two models, and a whole variety of solutions can be described with just 40 general principles. You decide which model best suits your situation and get the answer.

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Film 2: Core of a Challenge

We often do not see the solution, because we cannot see the problem. You learn how to state you challenge in such a way that solution appears on a surface.

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Film 3: Ideal Final Result

Why not to start from the end: from the solution itself? The Ideal Final Result describes the simplest solution to a problem ignoring any constraints; it is that “miracle” you would like to have.

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Film 4: Context

You learn how to investigate the problem in various contexts where the problem may surface. Look for the contexts where your challenge never appears!

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Film 5: Resources

If the project requires a lot of additional resources (material, time, money, etc.) then it is the wrong path to the solution. This film shows how to turn any waste or harm into benefit.

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Film 6: Contradictions and Resolutions

Do not be afraid of contradictions, search for them. If you can see the obstacles you use them for your benefit, if you do not see them, they will hold you back from your dream.

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Film 7: Alphabet for Win-Win Solutions

There is a limited number of thinking patterns that lead to breakthrough solutions. Such patterns are called inventive principles. Use inventive principles to spark your creativity.

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