Video testimonials from:

Dr. Hugh Bulson (ORA Organic Resource Agency Ltd),
Dr.Tarik Chekchak (Director For Sciences & Environment The Cousteau Society),
Dr. Kalina Raskin (Scientific Advisor, Centre Francilien de l'Innovation, Biomimicry Europa),
Giacomo Bersano and
Pierre-Emmanuel Fayemi

(Active Innovation Management):


“Thank you very much for a great course that has catalyzed our thinking and enthralled us during the time with you (which went far too quickly). We had a great time and would please ask you to extend our gratitude to Olga and Nikolay Bogatyrev for their infectious enthusiasm and patience with us. The course is great and we would be happy to act as referees for any future prospective group. I am also very keen to follow-up and support any network of excellence or industrial learning network you may start. Thanks very much for your time, we are very grateful and should show you the fruits of our labours when we target some step change improvements in our business. “

Dr Nick Rich
Professor of Operations Management & Head of HRM and Organisational Studies at School of Management, Swansea University, UK


“I thought that the presenter communicated the concepts clearly and was very comfortable with them, which made for a professionally produced product compared to what is available elsewhere on this topic. The videos from others seem to be either filmed slide presentations (a book is more effective than this) or unscripted lecturers (which would be okay if we were physically present and could ask questions). If the seven new films use this format and presenter, you have a great product on your hands and I can’t wait to apply it within our business. Thank you again and I wish you great success.”

Harry Wingerter
Business Process Expert, Philips PLSNA, USA


“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dr Olga Bogatyreva in the context of a recent study contract for European Space Agency entitled “Expert Tool to Support Crew Autonomous Operations in Complex Human Spacecraft”. She supported the study as an associate consultant to the prime contractor SEA (Systems Engineering & Assessment) Ltd. I was the ESA study manager. Olga, together with the SEA affiliated study manager, after having analyzed the statement of work of the Agency and related literature in the public domain, focused their study approach on developing a process for Problem Solving. Inspired by her earlier work of the TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving) approach, the adaptations thereof spearheaded by Olga to challenges in human space flight missions were quite successful. Concepts and reports presented at that event led to an invitation for a 2 day workshop with a small group of active ESA astronauts. The workshop was very well received by the ESA astronauts and led to a genuine interest within that community for the TRIZ derived process. At the end of the study we had a fruitful and knowledge intensive dialogue on how to proceed to implement an operational system based on the study findings, should more funding become available. It was an appropriate ending of the study where Olga through her thorough knowledge and excellent communication skills had successfully put TRIZ as a useful tool on the map for yet another engineer. Should we be able to launch a follow-on activity I’d would try my very best to have her included in the industrial team again.”

Mikael Wolff
Senior Software Engineer, European Space Agency, Wassenaar, The Netherlands


"I had the pleasure working with Olga and Nikolay on TRIZ. TRIZ is a wonderful tool. I cannot think of innovation without using TRIZ. The way Olga and Nikolay introduce, teach and implement TRIZ is unique. I have been engaged and committed to the various aspects. Without Olga and Nikolay I would not have been thinking in the same innovative way as I do know. I would recommend everybody in the industry to learn from Olga and Nikolay and use, implement and broadcast the TRIZ culture."

Patrick Poitevin
Senior Associate Principal Scientist Next Generation Packaging Global Chocolate, Mondelez International


“The course is well structured and had a great combination of theory, workshops and practical examples. The films shown have helped to back up the training.”

Professor Jack Bradley
University of Bradford, UK


“I really enjoyed the TRIZ workshop, it was relaxed, informal and informative. I especially enjoyed learning and developing new ways of looking at a problem.”

Alex Gusevs
University of Bradford, UK


"One can't fail to be impressed by someone who fields complex technical questions from two people simultaneously, answering clearly, concisely, and all in a second language. Olga and Nikolay have a genuine passion for analyzing and solving problems and a profound understanding of problem solving techniques like TRIZ. I look forward to working with them again."

Glenn Miles
Senior Engineer with Lockheed Martin, UK


“I attended the last TRIZ session of postgraduate teaching and the students arranged a standing ovation to Olga and Nikolay.”

Dr.Steve Cayzer
The University of Bath, UK


“Then TRIZ came into existence Olga and Nikolay's teaching method was totally practical. They demonstrated everything in a practical way by which I could understand everything easily.”

Nathan Kannan
Postgraduate student at the University of Bath, UK


“I would like to thank teaches from BioTRIZ, Olga and Nikolay Bogatyrev for teaching TRIZ and for making TRIZ assignment to be used for final year design project. It was proved to be exceptionally useful and solved many difficult design problems.”

Robert Ford
Mechanical Engineering final year student, the University of Bath, UK


“A good introduction to TRIZ: thought provoking and stimulating”

Crispian Brailey
Pall Electronics, UK


“TRIZ is an interesting philosophy that offers many opportunities for application in manufacturing.”

Estelle Edwick
Pall Electronics, UK


“Great possibility to share own challenges with other people and gain new insights, ideas and approaches. I have received a comprehensive support to systematically discover solutions for existing problems.”

Benjamin Juergens
Hairfoil, UK


“This workshop has provided me with a new set of tools that I can use during the creative process in my job. Thanks to this course I learned how to use these tools creatively.”

Sonia Pereira
Project Manager at Hayssen Sandiacre


“I am going away with new and powerful way of thinking about problem solving. The workshop has given me a good insight and passion to learn more about TRIZ.”

Amitsinh Kumpavat
Improvements Engineer, Vitacress Salads

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